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This forum thread needs a solution.
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After years as a retail client, at last I’ve made an a community account to express my disgust for Norton!

I’ve been a paying member since 2014. I recently tried to run an online backup from the Norton Security suite. It failed, because “my online backup account is in maintenance.” After hours of attempted troubleshooting on my own with little outside support, I contacted support. The support expert’s first and only recommended solution was for me to give him complete control of my desktop remotely. I’m not new to tech or cyber security. In fact, the first and only time I’ve ever been victimized by hackers was when I gave them remote access to my computer because they posed as antivirus experts! Wtf Norton? You ok? You know the rule of thumb for learned users of the internet is NEVER to allow remote access unless it is a trusted person? I contacted your support through the very internet portal you created and immediately off the bat this person I’ve never met is asking to control my desktop? Don’t you have any respect as a cyber security provider? There is personal data for my eyes only on this desktop and I had hoped a secure, encrypted backup would prevent it from ever being lost. I was not hoping for a stranger to have access to all of it via Norton’s support!