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All Devices not showing up in My Norton -> My Devices

Norton offers subscription plans where you can often activate multiple devices under a single Norton subscription plan. You can manage your subscription account at a dedicated 'My Norton' page for your subscription. In My Norton, there is a tab for 'My Devices' which should list all the devices for which you've activated a subscription. However you'll find many discussions with frustration where all the devices where you've activated a subscription don't appear in that list. This note will tell you how to fix that.

First, check how many devices that Norton things you've activated by going to 'My Norton',  click on you name of your user account, and select Account Settings. Under Security his will tell you how many licenses are used and how many are available.

Now click on the 'My Norton" menu option at the top of the page, and click on the Security tab - it should show you a list of all the devices that are licensed. If you are missing any, proceed as follows.

  1. Go to a device that is missing from the list.
  2. Open the Norton Security app
  3. Click on Help
  4. Under Account Information, Click on My Norton
  5. Logon to My Norton - this connects your Norton Security app to the My Norton portal
  6. Now return to the main Norton Security window - select Settings
  7. Select Administrative Settings
  8. Slide the 'Remote Management' setting to On (this will be greyed out until you complete step 5 above)
  9. You should find that your device is now listed from the device listing page

With all that, the device listing page does very little.



Re: All Devices not showing up in My Norton -> My Devices


You should try the above using a Windows Administrative Account. If you use that Account, then you can make any necessary changes to Settings. Using the Admin Account will help to prevent the grey Settings also.

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