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This forum thread needs a solution.

All my folders are empty in ID VAULT

Have not opened the ID vault for ages

Lastnight I opened it OK but all my folders are empty!

I think this happened before years ago but I cant remember how it was solved

do I have to upload it again from backup



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Re: All my folders are empty in ID VAULT

Hello john, were you using a local vault the last time you use IDS? What product do you have installed and its version? You can import a local backup from the last automatic backup. Norton only uses the cloud vault in the latest versions.



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Re: All my folders are empty in ID VAULT

Unfortunately I dont even understnad the questions you pose!

What is a local vault?How do I know what version the product is?

In any case I will go on to the link and keep my fingers crossed

I was getting some online help from customer support but lost the online co=

ntact follwing oneof their suggested solution,



Re: All my folders are empty in ID VAULT


Customer Support


Have a Nice Day and


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