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Another false positive for a .exe I have created

I reported a false positive last week for a .exe I created (using Eclipse). This was accepted by Norton as a false positive and was removed from their products.

Now I have written a new application and created another .exe (using Eclipse) and get the same problem with SONAR thinking it is a risk.

This is only a problem if I assign my own application name to the .exe when it is generated using Eclipse. If I do not specify my own application name, the default name it uses is eclipse.exe and this is not a problem for Sonar.

So my question is this, is it really just the name of the application that triggers Sonar to think it's a risky application ?



Re: Another false positive for a .exe I have created


The name might come into play since it then becomes an unknown .exe. You may want to find out about whitelisting your applications if you are into doing this sort of thing.

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