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Another PURGE is hung up message

Hey there,

My purge is stuck.  I did send a PM to wwelty, but it is the weekend.  Can anyone assist?



Re: Another PURGE is hung up message

It's been cancelled per request. I've sent a reply via PM Please note for all there is no need to post publicly and send a private messageIf others encounter this issue all I need is the private message with your specifics and the request to cancel the purge.


Also a critical item to remember is the purge process works a lot like the restore does. It has to comb through a lot of history to remove your data which includes re-building the data files once the requested files are removed. It's a feature suggested to be used if you're removing small sections of data. 


If you're intending on removing all of the data on the set and don't have any custom file selections Removing the Computer and adding it in again will be a lot faster. Take note though if you go that route, just like purge, you will remove access permanently to the files in that set.

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