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Anti-spam not working on second email account

Using Outlook 2016 / Office 365 to receive email on two accounts.  Norton Security anti-spam is working great on one account.  It is not working at all on the second one.  Spam from domains on my blocked list is passing through to my inbox consistently on the second account.

Suggestions to correct this?

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Re: Anti-spam not working on second email account


Have you checked your Junk Folder in the Office program?


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Re: Anti-spam not working on second email account

The spam in my second account is not going into the Junk or Spam folders - it is remaining in my Outlook Inbox.  I have put the offending senders and entire spam domains on my Norton blocked list, and I have verified they are there, but the spam continues to arrive and stay in my Inbox until i individually delete each one.

On the account where the anti-spam is working, the email all is being automatically removed from the Inbox and moved to the Spam folder, as expected.


Re: Anti-spam not working on second email account

check the incoming mail port for your second email account. Norton antispam will only work with certain ports, not for example port 995 which is used by BT and office365

see https://support.norton.com/sp/en/in/home/current/solutions/v57920813_End...

it seems that antispam only works with port 110 as default

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