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Is Anti-Spyware Active?

Norton Security with Backup indicates "green" and that my computer is protected.  Win7 Action Center indicates a "flag" and that I have no anti-spyware running.  When I open it, it offers me the options of turning on Norton Security, Spybot or Windows Defender.  When I click on Norton Security, nothing happens.

Is my computer protected, as indicated by Norton Security being "green" or do I believe Windows 7 Action Center that says I need anti-spyware?

Any help out there?



Re: Is Anti-Spyware Active?

Hi, mepollock. Do you have Spybot running in real time ? If so, I'd recommend uninstalling it as this program is not well regarded, these days.

You should only have Norton running in real time.

Action Center should indicate that under Security, Firewall and Spyware functions are being handled by Norton.

I'd recommend running Live Update manually to make sure you have the latest version, and see if that fixes this issue.

If you need to reinstall Norton to get things working, we can provide advice if needed..

Windows 10 Home X 64

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