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This forum thread needs a solution.

antivirus still active??

Looking for a little advice. 

A couple of year ago my mother purchased a laptop from curry's, with it she also payed for a years subrcription of Norton antivirus full cover. Within that year there was no problems with the laptop whatsoever. Once the cover came to an end, currys informed my mother that Norton security was no longer sold by currys, and she was advised to change to Mcafee, which the happend to sell, so this is what she did, and this is where the problems start.

My mother payed just short of £500 for the laptop & software all in all, yet its only that first year that she was able to use the laptop 'problem free'. Since, it's so slow that its almost on stand-still, it freezes and becomes unresponsive, and every so often it will crash completely. (I should add the OS is Windows 8).

My mother has been back to the store time after time, each time they claim it to be working fine for them and no problems to be found. The only thing they have adviced in all these months is that maybe she could try restoring to factory settings.

In my opinion, to restore to factory setting seems pointless as my motyher has not added any softwere apart from the Mcafee, does not download, has not put anything apart from a few photos on to the laptop as bassicly 'she wouldnt know how to', being just a beginer.

It would seem the obvious solution that the problem would be the Mcafee, as its since installing that problems have occured, and also this is the only change that the laptop has seen since the day it was purchased. Yet for some unkown reason, Currys are oblivious to this, or are cluless as to what the issue may be. Or maybe they just benefit from unhappy customers returning their none-faulty good to the store and having to pay for faults that are not there, or easily fixed.

Last week, whilst looking at the laptop, I noticed the Norton shortcut still being on the desktop, so am I rite in thinking that Norton was never uninstalled? And now, with having two antivirus software competing against each other one one system, there the issue lies?? 

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Re: antivirus still active??

Hello mandwms

How long ago was the Norton Antivirus installed and when did the subscription end? One thing which we recommend is to turn off Fast Startup. You can look in Programs and Features and see if Norton Antivirus is listed there. If it is listed there, then it was not uninstalled.. If the Norton Removal Tool wasn't used, then she didn't get a complete uninstall of Norton. Having the Norton icon still on the desktop would be indicative of that.

NAV can be renewed, but it will be difficult to find a new version of that program. Now you can purchase Norton Security which is good for 5 devices and it includes the Smart Firewall also. I'm sure you can find that program on sale in stores and online. That program can be downloaded and does not come on a CD.

If NAV is still installed, it would be in conflict with McAfee since you should not have 2 antivirus programs installed.

Please come back and let us know what you want to do and then we can help further.


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Re: antivirus still active??

The laptop was purchased two years ago, and with it I payed for one years subscription with Norton, therefore Norton came to an end around about this time last year.


Re: antivirus still active??

In my opinion, the best solution would be to remove the Mcafee, but seeing as Currys are unable to detect a problem, and due to their incompetence with installing one before removing the other, i am unsure were to go from here. You see, going elsewhere is going to cost, and I find it unfair considering all the added security/tech help/knowhow/added 'benefits' my mother has already paid for in order to prevent/correct issues as these.  


Re: antivirus still active??

hi Mandwms

Unfortunately this is a problem with Curry's/PC World whilst I would not complain about the range and price of laptops and the like when it comes to software they sell whatever the Company has "on offer" when you visit. It would have been a lie to say they did not sell Norton as apart from temporary lack of stock it is always on sale. The day your mother went in was "Sell McAfee Week". When I bought my Surface there the member of staff became quite rude because I told him I didn't want McAfee as I had remaining seats available with Norton and did not like McAfee, despite spending £900 at the time. This would have been about the same time your mother bought the McAfee.

Their Knowhow section is hopeless.

How long has McAfee been on the laptop, if near to expiry your mother may wish to try the new Norton Security which is the next step up from Norton Anti-virus which as floplot says is no longer available new. If so then to remove McAfee from her laptop follow the instructions shown in the link below:

McAfee Uninstall

Hopefully your mother can remain a Norton users with a further year of trouble free computing.


ps I was typing this in between your posts and have edited it to remove parts.

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