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application error (0xc00000005) when trying to download Norton

I removed Norton Security with the Norton Uninstall Removal Tool, but when I try to Reinstall Norton downloading from my account I get the message 'application error (0xc000000005)' and my only option is to select ok to close the application.

I tried saving the application but it still give me the same error.  I removed it to try to correct the Password Manager problem with MS Edge.  Now I can't reinstall it.

Any suggestions?



Re: application error (0xc00000005) when trying to download Norton


The error code you are mentioning is a Windows error code. What did you do to try and fix your password manager error and Edge browser?

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Re: application error (0xc00000005) when trying to download Norton

Have you restarted your computer after uninstalling Norton? 

Are you using a Windows user account with admin privileges when trying to download from your Norton Account. 

BTW Reinstalling Norton would not resolve issues with NPM in Edge because NPM in browsers other than IE now relies on individual browser extensions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: application error (0xc00000005) when trying to download Norton

Add-on to the previous posts. My suggestions are:

1- Logging in under an admin account is a must as peterweb and floplot noted. Access violation errors due to insufficient privileges will occur.

2- Disabling "fast startup", so that the system gets a 100% clean data release from memory and then a reboot. Here is how to disable that setting.

3- Performing the R&R, again, doing ONLY are removal. Full restart once done. * Do this even though it may tell you already removed.

4- Reinstall Norton from your account, run live updates until none are available and reboot. Recheck again for updates once rebooted.

5- Open MS Edge and get the correct extensions, download and restart Edge to enable them.


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