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Are Any Files Deleted While Backed Up With NOBU?

I once used Comcast Online Backup, which was administered by Mozy.  (I should've known to avoid anything Comcast was involved in.)  There were files, although important, I did not need constant access to.  I backed them up, to be retrieved when needed.

At one point, I noticed many of them were gone.  When I inquired, I was told if I did not maintain copies on my computer, they assumed I no longer had any need for them and deleted them.

Is this common practice with online backup services?  Does NOBU do the same?  I'm deciding between an external drive and NOBU.  What I experienced in the past would be a deal breaker.



Re: Are Any Files Deleted While Backed Up With NOBU?

Hi @LouMessina ,

The main idea of having backup software is to backup data and restores them when required.

Files which are backed up using Norton Online Backup will not get deleted until and unless User delete/purge from the Secure Online Storage. If there is any system failure or Hard drive crashes files which are there in the Secure Online Storage will not get deleted. You should be able to restore the files without any issues. 


Sunil G A

Norton Forums Administrator
Symantec Corporation

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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