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This forum thread needs a solution.

Astromedia Mediaplex Webtrendslive bitable.com

Norton does not identify.  SpyHunter does. Must I purchase additional Norton product or other software for these types of issues.  Support could not identify if Norton has been tested with Norton Power Eraser for these issues.



Re: Astromedia Mediaplex Webtrendslive bitable.com

Supports transcript.  The transfer never took place, hence my post.

 Paul:  Initial Question/Comment: Norton Security is installed on my system. It has failed to identiy bitable.com as malware. I am in the midst of running Spy Hunter and it has also found astromedia, mediaplex and wentrendsLive on my hard drive. Why does Norton not identify this

 System:  Welcome to Norton Support! A Norton Representative will be with you shortly.

 System:  For assistance with any LifeLock ® Identity Theft Protection services, please visit www.lifelock.com, or call 1-855-993-1976

 System:  You are being routed to a Customer Representative...

 System:  Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 4 seconds

 System:  We are currently experiencing high volume of contacts and therefore having higher queue times. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

 System:  Thank you for your patience. Your chat is very important to us but we are currently experiencing higher than expected wait times. Please stay online.

 System:  Thank you for your patience. Your chat is very important to us but we are currently experiencing higher than expected wait times. Please stay online.

 System:  Marc has joined this session!

 System:  Connected with Marc

 Marc:  Hello, Paul. Thank you so much for that information, I really do understand where you are coming from, no worries, I'll be very much willing to assist you with your concerns.

 Marc:  Norton most probably is working well on your computer. But it's also important to note that no security software can afford you 100% protection. This is because a lot of environmental variables, the vulnerabilities of Windows and the software's/applications on your computer play a pivotal role in keeping your computer secure. If there is any level of insecurity or any security holes, the possibility of a security breach is always present.

 Marc:  ​​​Have you already tried to run the Norton Power Eraser to check an​d remove any possible bad file that might causing ​the issue on your​ co​mputer? ​

 Paul Mayerowitz:  No. Do you know if you have documented test scripts that remove these infections with Norton Power Eraser? Unless Norton has tested against these infections, this will not solve my problem.

 Marc:  Norton Power Eraser is a standalone tool of your Norton which uses an aggressive method of detecting and removing any hard to remove bad files on your computer that might causing the issue.

 Marc:  Paul, If you want, I can just send you the email steps on how run Norton Power Eraser on your computer which uses an aggressive method of detecting bad files on your computer and so you can also use it in the future if you suspects that there is a Virus on your computer.

 Marc:  ​​I'll just tag this case as open so you can contact us back and refer to this case number: xxxxxx if you need further assistance with the issue. Would that be okay?

 Paul Mayerowitz:  I know how to run it. I asked if it has been tested to identify these infections. Please save me the time to tell you I ran Norton Power Eraser and it did not remove these infections. It either does or does not.

 Marc:  I see, yes, Paul, Norton Power Eraser can run a deep scan on your computer to check and remove bad files.

 Marc:  ​​​It shows here under​ your Norton account record that you have Virus Removal Assurance Service,​
wherein, if you want, I can directly transfer you now to our Virus removal Experts to properly check an​d manually remove any bad files that might causing the issue on your computer. Would that be okay?​

 Paul :  Does it remove astromedia, mediaplex and webtrendslive infections, malware and cookies?

 Marc:  Yes, Paul, shall I now transfer you?

 Paul :  Does this mean you cannot answer my specific question and need to transfer me to another specialist

 Marc:  Paul, "Norton is protecting you from tens of thousands of existing malwares and from the hundreds of new threats released every single day. It provides among the best security that is available for your computer.

This particular infection could have been caused while subscribing or downloading from free websites or when you download/transfer files such as movies, songs, screensavers, games, etc. from other computers, such as in a P2P system, or from insecure websites.

Normally when you download something, it will ask for your permission to open/install, and accept the license agreement.

When you do so, being the administrator/final authority of the computer you are potentially authorizing an override of the security restrictions in place."

 Marc:  "Thousands of new viruses, Trojans, and worms are created every day; Your Norton product detects and blocks most of these. However, there are some scenarios in which a computer can still get infected.
Here are some of the most common scenarios:

Clicking on an intriguing pop-up ad which contains a trojan
Opening a malicious email attachment
Downloading a virus from a file-sharing program
Your system was infected with malware before Norton was installed"

 Marc:  However, if the issue still persist even after running Norton Power Eraser, no worries, we do have Virus removal expert that can check and manually remove any bad files on your computer that might causing the issue.

 Marc:  Shall I now transfer you to our Virus removal expert?

 Paul :  You are quoting a corporate script. Please transfer me to someone who can answer my specific question

 Marc:  ​Sure, not a problem. Please give me a minute to transfer you

 System:  You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...

 System:  Marc has left this session!


 System:  Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 10 seconds

This transfer never happened.  I wrote this after waiting thirty minutes for the transfer, hence my post


Re: Astromedia Mediaplex Webtrendslive bitable.com

The transcript you post covers most of the information you will get from the forum here. 

No product can protect you 100% of the time from the Thousands of new malware created every day.

Sometimes you get something on your computer alongside a legitimate download if you do not read the EULA  or check the download screen carefully for a check box to control any 'extra feature' downloads. These are called PUPs, Possibly Unwanted Programs, that some people actually want. They are annoying but do not cause any damage to your computer, other than maybe tracking your surfing. Norton concentrates on malware that can cause harm to your system, so some PUPs are not detected. PUPs can be better detected with second opinion on demand scanners that concentrate more on this kind of infection. Examples are the Free versions of Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware. As they do not run real time, there is no conflict with Norton that can actually reduce your protection.

A first line rep would not be able to say whether a specific malware variant is covered by a NPE scan. As noted, the list changes many times a day as the thousands of new malware created every day are added as they are detected and added to the product detections.

You can try running NPE on your own as long as you have a good understanding of how Windows system files work. As the rep noted, NPE is very aggressive and can flag Windows System files as bad. If you accept the default file deletions, you could leave your system unbootable.

The rep also offered the Virus Protection Promise. If you do not feel comfortable with NPE, you can try contacting Support again and asking for the VPP.  The time of day you try to contact Support can determine the wait times you encounter. If you can try at a time that is outside what may be normal times for your area you may be able to reduce the wait time.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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