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Auto Deleted Files

Recently I updated Java, and they sneak that little checkbox in there "also install Norton". I didn't notice the checkbox this time, so Norton installed. Unknowingly, with the very dangerous Norton now on my PC, I went to open a program I use for complex maths equations. Of course, Norton auto deleted it when I tried to open it. As it typically does with anything other than Explorer and Word. Having seen files I've literally spent years working on being deleted, I did would any sane person would do and instantly deleted the offending software (Norton) from my PC. 

Now did Norton really auto-delete forever my work for the last 2 years? If so, I feel this is grounds for a legal case?...



Re: Auto Deleted Files

Hi @Acesup,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please provide below details for further investigation?

- Could you please provide Java product update source link which gave Norton product install option?

- Did you get any Norton detection message window with Norton program deletion details? Any screenshots?

- Can you please provide program name and details, which is deleted? 

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Auto Deleted Files

When I opened the program a Norton message popped up 'This program is considered a threat and has been removed', or words to that effect. First and foremost, I'm here to see if I can access my files from any specific folder (quarantine, etc)? Rather than do an investigation. Are the files really gone?


Re: Auto Deleted Files

Please tell us what Norton is telling you regarding this event.

For information regarding event > from Norton pop-up > View Details > Copy to Clipboard &or from Norton history > More Options > Copy to Clipboard > paste.

Please review:

1) Restore an item from Quarantine

2) My Norton product alerts that the file I downloaded is not safe, and deletes it

3) My Norton product incorrectly alerts that a file is infected, or a program or website is suspicious

4) Add items to the Signature Exclusions

5) Turn off or turn on Download Intelligence

6) My Norton product detects a file or program as a threat even after I exclude it from scan

Restore & exclude this file: is not the same as adding item(s) to Exclude from Auto-Protect nor the same as Exclude from All Detections.


Re: Auto Deleted Files

As I wrote, I quickly deleted Norton. I was concerned it might start deleting other critical files...  So where might the files be? 


Re: Auto Deleted Files


As I wrote, I quickly deleted Norton. I was concerned it might start deleting other critical files...  So where might the files be? 


(It would likely be archived in a propriety Norton format)

In your volume shadow copy since[if] you have system restore enabled and haven't done much since.

In one of your recent full system backups (maybe?)

Recovered as deleted files from your hard drive since[if] you stopped all usage of the computer when you realized that non-backed-up critical files had been deleted.

I'm out of ideas after that, but that's several ways I would approach the situation as an end user.

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