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Auto-fill vs Auto Submit

Hello Community

re: Identity Safe  AKA  Vault

What's the difference between Auto-fill  vs  Auto Submit

I understand Auto-fill option.  But, what does Auto Submit do?




Re: Auto-fill vs Auto Submit

Adds a line-feed [presses the enter key] - no clue really

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Re: Auto-fill vs Auto Submit

Hi bjm_

Basically, within every log-in you have saved or when adding a new one the Auto-Submit option is present as part of the security.  As explained in the Help section (below) the Auto-fill supplies and enters the info for the webpage and the Auto-Submit logs you onto the website.  So the auto-fill  "fills" the info and the auto-submit "logs" you in. 

I do believe you will see that having the auto-submit enabled eliminates the need to use the Sign-in button on some sites.

Use the following options to configure the login security:

Require Vault password

Prompts for your Identity Safe password before it autofills any login.

You should select this option to make your login credentials more secure. For example, you can use this option for your online banking website.


Automatically fills your login for the website when you visit.

Symantec recommends that you select this option to fill the login information for the webpage.


Automatically logs you in to the website.


Re: Auto-fill vs Auto Submit

Hello yank

I've read the Help doc....

Since, I was getting along fine with just Auto-fill

Auto-submit seemed superfluous. 

Probably because I did not truly understand it's function.

Makes sense now that you walked me thru it.


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