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Auto-Renew rip off will target the vulnerable

Today my norton product auto-renewed at £69.99. The same product can be found in Argos for £23!

This pricing strategy takes advantage of the vulnerable and the old who may not be able to make comparisons.

Thankfully I was given a refund and offered the product at a 50% discount through the customer chat. Whilst this sounds good, it still did not beat other sellers or even Nortons own website that were offering the product at a 57% discount bringing the product direct from the company to £29.99.

It is insulting to think you are being given a good deal by the chat team for loyalty and be told that they can't bring the product to £30 which you would feel comfortable paying, only to see moments later when checking online prices again that you could buy it direct from the company for that price (£29.99)  without the loyalty reward.

Norton/Symantec have lost me as a customer as they have lost my confidence.

I am unable to find a contact address to send this message to so am putting it out into the public domain.

Reference number for the chat session is [removed]

Case number is [removed]

Order number [removed]

[edit: removed sensitive information per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]

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Re: Auto-Renew rip off will target the vulnerable

Users may enroll or cancel Automatic Renewal & remove payment info at anytime.
Please review > I want to update my Norton account

Please review > Norton Automatic Renewal Service Help

Norton automatic renewal option does not equate to "best price" nor "loyalty discount".  Shop around for best price from reputable vendor. 

Norton products (including subscriptions and Automatic Renewals) may be refunded within 60 days of the purchase date.


Please review > Requesting a Norton Automatic Renewal refund

Please review > What is the Norton cancellation and return policy

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