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This forum thread needs a solution.


I run a weekly batch file to automate a series of security checks using NS (Norton Security), Norton Utilities, SuperAntiSpyware, & Malwarebytes, and to create critical-file backups.  Periodically Live Update, will issue a program update that changes the folder & file version seen in File Explorer (Win 10 Pro).  When that happens, I have to correspondingly edit the batch file to change the path calling the NS.EX? file, else the batch command line can't find it.

I've had problems before posting lines of code here that contained the executable (exe) file extension, so they've been replaced with ex?.

Example batch command line - before the NS program update:

    Call "C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\uiStub.ex?"

Example batch command line - after the NS program update:

    Call "C:\Program Files\Norton Security\Engine\\uiStub.ex?"

My expertise with batch commands is a bit limited, but I'm wondering if the use of wildcards (%%) or the FOR command would provide a way to access the NS.EX? file in the updated folder, without manually editing the batch file.  Or perhaps there's another way?

Any ideas?