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Automatic Liveupdate isn't working

I'm using Norton Security on 3 pc's.  One is XP, one is Vista, one is Win 8.1.  I can manually un liveupdate, but automatic update won't work, even though the box is checked.

Historically, I never used automatic liveupdate because I was on a hughesnet connection.  Now I'm on time-warner, and it won't work.

Support had me delete and reinstall Norton, that did nothing... how would 3 pc's all be corrupted at once?   They suggested reboot, that did nothing

Any ideas?  Is there anything special about a time-warner cable connection that requires some different setting?  everything else works, and I can manually run live-update.



Re: Automatic Liveupdate isn't working

Just curious, does McAfee come as part of TW service?  Check to see if McAfee is present in Control Panel >Programs and Features/Add/Remove Programs.  If present it needs to be removed and the McAfee Removal Tool needs to be run.

Let us know if McAfee is present and we'll assist with the removal if needed.

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