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Autotask left over from importer runs every 20 min

Hi all

Just to report one or two bug:

The passwort importer for Firefox does left over an auto task (Windows 10): How come?

Every now and then when NIS reminds me of the Browser Apps I go and try the Passwort Manager. Usualy it does not work for one or another rason so I stoped using this PWM in the first place.

Now yesterday the PWM seemed to work (icon in FF and login works) so I tried to update passwords from Firefox to NIS PWM with the Norton Tool. The tool seemed to work.

The upload of the *.json file failed in FF and Chrome many times (-> try again). I realized that Norton PWM works, but reinstalling the extension in the Browser is reported to be failed on the install page, but still works. So something is broken here too (I have no scriptblocking plugins, and Adblock disabled to be sure).

Business as usual, it's ok, but leaving a shedule that tries to delete the *.json file and taking application focus every time every 20 min is really a no go. You should fix that. I'm VERY glad it said it will delete the *.json file after 20 min, so I could imagine what nasty stuff was going on.

If you could catch up with FF developement would be cool. I got the feeling NIS PWM is just always a few month behind in developement. Maybe to push users to use comercial browsers like Chrome or Edge, or Mozilla and Norton don't like each other, or just slow programming -- I don'd know.

However, my next security software will be a non-US-product anyway (non-RUS too), just to minimize risk. I'm more and more on open source -- and I do donate.

If you run in this problem, go to computer management console, see screenshot. I deactivated the task via right click. I triggered the bug by deleting the tool and *.json file myself before 20 min, because it did not work. Beginner design I'd say as a hobby programmer.

Regards, Samuel