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Backdoor Rustock-

I have notice that for the past 4 weeks my computer has become really slow. When I scanned it to clean it up it gets stuck on a Backdoor Rustock and the scan stops running. I read online that is a dangerous virus. How can I remove this from my computer??

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Re: Backdoor Rustock-

You do not have backdoor rustock. If you watch when Norton runs a scan it says "scanning" for certain malware. Most antiviruses just show they are scanning your C drive and folders. Norton shows what it is scanning for. It does not mean you are infected with that virus. Your pc could be slow for hundreds of reasons. Failing hard drive also. What is your OS and system specs? Is the computer slow or just the internet? 



Re: Backdoor Rustock-


Which operating system are you using? Windows Vista+? If so, Disable Fast Startup in your OS.

Have you tried scanning your PC in Safe Mode?

Them, you follow the steps listed below:

1. Update your Norton product via its LiveUpdate.

2. As for computer slow-down, plz check avoid getting fooled by so-called registry cleaners, or system optimizers. Read this article@ HTG for reasons and, read this post for case study. For tips for removing PUPs, please view this comment ("Step 8 ~ 11"). For example, you should go to the programs list and remove any other unused applications using Revo.

3. Move your personal stuff (e.g., photos, media files, etc.) to some folder, and exclude that file folder in your Norton product.

And, set Norton to pass those zipped folders.

4. Re-scan your system, or check if your issue continues in Safe Mode. Read this tab if you have trouble following the latter option.

Plz contact Norton Support and/or make the best of Norton Virus Protection Promise if you can't handle the said Trojan Horse and/or any other threats yourself.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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Re: Backdoor Rustock-


Fast Startup starts with Windows 8 and up.


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