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Backing up subdirectory structure - including empty folders

Hello all! I have a question which may be trivial, but so far I can't find a solution. I would like to back up all subdirectories, even if they are empty. 

I'm trying to back up (3 different PC's) common subdirectory structure and I would like to have an option of backing up empty subdirectories i create on them - sometimes just as a placeholders. Norton Security ( v. ) backs up for me only my custom-included files - let's say in this case all files with extension *.yml from included by me directory. But in my case (so far) it backs up only files - not the directory structure. Is there a way to assure that? Or may I'm doing something wrong?

I'm trying to achieve it without using any third-party tools.

Thank you. And Happy Holidays!


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Re: Backing up subdirectory structure - including empty folders

As long as you have included a folder in your backups, any subfolders within that folder should also be backed up. Even if they are empty, the folder would still be listed in backups.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Backing up subdirectory structure - including empty folders

Great! Thanks for your comment/solution. I was probably a little confused by the number of files reported by backup process. I will double-check it later. Happy holidays!

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