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Backup and encrypted files

There are numerous folks complaining of backup failures due to backup "discovering" encrypted files. It's possible (like with Quicken financial files - which is where my back up bombs out) that they're supposed to be encrypted and you should back them up anyway. They are probably almost as valuable as the pictures of my grandkids.



Re: Backup and encrypted files

Hi Kim Gastler.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

I can imagine your frustration.  I was not previously aware that Norton objected to Quicken files, which I agree sound like just the sort of thing users will want to back up.  Can I just ask you to try baking up another quicken file to confirm that it is the quicken format and not just some odd glitch with one file.  If that appears to confirm that Norton refuses to backup Quicken files from data folders then I think it might be a good idea to post a request for a change in the Product Suggestions forum (just clicking on the link will take you there).

Good luck.  Oh and if you can confirm for our information if you do prove that it seems to be an issue with Quicken files in general, it would be helpful.


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