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Backup application starts backing up from scratch!

My file backup has started from scratch! Today I got a message that 'Backup has not run recently'. After clicking 'Fix now' I noticed that the application was backing up everything from scratch, as if every file was modified or added today. I immediately cancelled the operation, restarted the computer and tried again. The result was the same, Norton tries to back up everything from scratch! The irony is that the only reason I'm using Norton for creating backups is that I experienced a few months ago the same problem with Window's 'File History' which was working perfectly until it started as well creating a duplicate backup.

Things that happened before each case where: (a) disconnecting and reconnecting the external drive (not when the PC was turned on), (b) permissions of files changed from the 'security' tab so they can't be viewable from other users. 'B' applies on the Norton case, although I'm not sure that it wasn't the same case with 'File History' - I didn't change manually the permissions though.

Can anybody help me with this issue please? Do I need to format the backup drive and run again the backup from scratch? There is not even space for a duplicate backup on my ext drive. Could have file permissions trigger the problem, or is it something else that could randomly make it appear again?