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Backup Email Issue

So, i bought a product key for "Norton 360 180 days". Everything works perfectly except 2 things. The backup works but i ran into an issue were it says "Activate Backup. Sign into your Norton account!, We have located your Norton account. Please type your password below to sign in." Here's the problem its the person i bought it from's Email and password and i obviously don't know the password. Because of this for some odd reason i also cant scan my PC. It used to work, now it doesn't. Please help, thanks.



Re: Backup Email Issue

Hi 12th edits.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Sadly it sounds a if you have not bought a Norton product but a share of someone else's Norton product and it remains registered to that person's account.

So if you did back up anything to the online server it would be held in their account.

Do you have a Norton account?  I don't mean here on these forums but one with Norton for their products?  If you do you can log on to https://manage.norton.com and see what licenses you have.

Or you may want to contact Norton's the free 24 hr Chat link where you can deal directly with a Norton staff member to get things sorted. 

However as I say above it sounds as if you got a cheap deal with someone renting out part of one of their licenses.  I am not aware of Norton ever doing 180 day deals.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.  I know that I and others would be interested to hear the outcome.


Re: Backup Email Issue

Ok, thanks. :)

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