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BAckup error on encrypted files

NIS backup has a problem with what it thinks are encrypted files that are not encrypted. They look like files that are in use. The particular files (after much research) are MS Access files in OfficeFileCache folder: CentralTable.accdb and CentralTableL.accdb. As far as I can tell, these files are NOT encrypted yet backup fails unless they are excluded. More to the point, the diagnostic windows (more info and security report window) simply indicate that an encrypted file was encountered and does not name the files. This is why it took a lot of work to trace the cause. Since NIS does list all the files that were backed up by full name and location, this situation has to be a bug. I have had several chats with support but they seem to be clueless about this issue and cannot figure out why the names of the failed 'encrypted' files are not shown. Their typical approach has been to ask for control and then reinstall NIS and muddle around with no resolution until we give up. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix? I feel uncomfortable relying on a security product that has this kind of problem.


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Re: BAckup error on encrypted files

Similar with NS wBU, says files are in use but doesn't list which files, I narrowed it down to Malwarebytes pro, Norton itself & something in Common files.

As for encrypted files I found that users>local>Microsoft has some encrypted files as well as the Windows folder & when I excluded these folders everything was fine.

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