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Backup fail - error A2202

Saw a similar post on the forum, but it wasn't resolved.  I have gotten this error the last two days.  I have enough storage space. I do have an unresolved ticket (and forum post) that is asking to reset my quota after two purge jobs failed to free the space I purged.  If that space is NOT being calculated, but IS in fact being "held" because the quota isn't reset, maybe that is the problem.  Any help is appreciated.

When I calculate a backup, it says:

Total Files: 59454
Total Size: 84.62 GB
Space Needed for Next Backup: 183.29 MB
Remaining Storage Space Available: 20.18 GB

Win XP SP3

Pentium 4 3GHz

3.25 GB RAM

No other programs are running when backup is going.