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Backup Failed (A2206), (A2200)


My Norton Online Backup last successfully completed on Sept. 24. After a could weeks of limited computer activity in which I did not attempt a backup, I tried running a backup again two days ago. Twice the backup did not even get under way -- zero filed were backed up -- and I received the error Backup Failed (A2206). After that, I re-added my computer (a solution which had resolved a previous error). The backup has since failed twice more, only now I am receiving the error Backup Failled (2200). The log shows that these last two failures backed up up less than 100 of my many thousands of files. I did successfully run a storage calculation, but this also shows less than 100 files.

I have Windows 7 and IE9.

Any idea what might be causing the problem? I'm at a loss.




Re: Backup Failed (A2206), (A2200)


Both of those errors are occurring locally on your computer and are associated to issues with the data. 2206 is EOF detected without trailer and 2200 is file io error. Both generally mean the file validation the backup uses has found possible problems with what is being uploaded and is rejecting it to prevent problematic files from being sent. I'd strongly suggest running a full scandisk or chkdsk on your system, let it resolve any issues it finds and then run the backup again.

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