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Backup Set to Folder not Drive

Is there a way in which Norton 360 v22 can define a backup set to be stored to a folder (X:\KevinsBackupFolder) rather than to a drive letter?  I have one external drive attached to one of three PC's, and I want to store backups for all 3 on this external drives.  For both remote PC's, I can define a network drive for a folder for their backups, which works fine for Norton 360 on the remote PCs.  However, Windows 10 will not allow me to map a network drive for a folder on the external drive which is physically attached to the local PC.

The result is that I end up with the 2 remote backup sets in well-named folders while the local PC's backup set is stored in the non-unique X:\N360_Backup folder.

I also have a pair of external drives attached as NAS to a Linksys router.  The folders on these drives can also NOT be defined on any of the remote PCs as network attached drives, and thus aren't able to store a Norton 360 backup set.

Any help with the correct configurations would be appreciated.

- kevin



Re: Backup Set to Folder not Drive

For your first issue, I don't see a way around that.  Since a local drive is not a network drive you can't map a unique folder and I think your stuck with the default backup folder name.

For the externals connected to the router, instead of mapping as \\server\share can't you map it as "\\ip address\share"?




Re: Backup Set to Folder not Drive

That certainly provides me a way to move forward with the majority of my backups.  Thanks much, DaveH

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