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Backup space adds up


since I am using NIS Premium with Backup for quite some time and renew my subscription by buying a new product (product key) every year my available backup space adds up every year and is now at 210gb. Do I really have 210gb backup space available or is it just 25gb from the last renewal? I always thought that it would only be 25gb but why does it show so much more?

Thanks for an explanation!


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Re: Backup space adds up

It is just the 25GB. There is sometimes a glitch on your Norton Account web site that adds the storage totals. For your piece of mind, you might want to contact Norton Support and see if they can adjust what is showing in your Account.

BTW.  The reason it is just the 25GB is that you are paying an annual fee, included in your subscription fee, for the use of the storage space. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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