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Backup Storage managment

How can I determine what sets are in my online backup, and how can I manage them?



Re: Backup Storage managment


There is a wealth of information in the Help Section within the Norton interface. (Main UI > Help)  You will find links to video tutorials and also to the product manual which was installed with the product (98 pages).There are specific videos covering all aspects of the Norton Backup.

If you wish a more in depth product manual you can download the complete Norton Security with Backup Product Manual from this Norton page(link is external). (416 pages)

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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Re: Backup Storage managment

Sorry I may be doing wrong thing here.  I keep getting message "Attention Low Storage for online Backup"

Never had this problem in 5 yrs.  Why now.  I am really poor with IT skills and depend on clear advice.

I have noticed recently that everytime I do a Security Scan prior to closing my lap top Norton has done a Online Backup.

I believe this has caused the new message about the low storage.

As I believe I should not have excessive data. I don't use games online or save films, as I only have basic knowledge.

Sorry again if this is wrong place for my query.

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