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BackUp Warning Constant! How do I stop the warning?

BackUp Warning is constantly telling me to BackUp, even when I had a complete BackUp within minutes!  I tried setting several different schedules for BackUp with no change in the warning message.  I do my BackUps to an external "F:" hard drive.  Norton 360 already asked me to re-format the disk and perform a complete BackUp, continuous warning message despite re-format and BackUp today.  I also spent a couple hours today creating a mirror image of all of my document and photograph files to my laptop computer from my desktop computer, so that all of my important data is saved independently of Norton 360 BackUp.  I also have done BackUps using Acronis as well as Norton to another hard drive indicated as "D:" hard drive.


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Re: BackUp Warning Constant! How do I stop the warning?

Hi Coppersnowboard.

Sorry to hear of your problems.

A few questions.

  1. What operating system are you using.
  2. Have you rebooted/restarted your computer since you last did a backup?
  3. How many backup sets have you defined in N360 and what dates does it think each was last run?
  4. Had you previously run successful backups to this external hard drive?
  5. How large is the drive and how large is the N360_BACKUP folder?

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Re: BackUp Warning Constant! How do I stop the warning?

Thank you for responding, Andmike.  Good line of inquiry.  

1.  Windows 7

2.  Yes, I thought of the shut-down reset possibility.  However, the warning did not go away on reboot.

3.  I have numerous backup sets on two different external hard drives without problems in the past, on a 500 Gb and 1,000 Gb (1 T) drive.  

4.  Previous backups were successful.  The warning problem began after I took the computer for malware cleansing by a technician.  The malware problems included total black-out and loss of access to the operating system.  The technician found numerous sources for malware and removed several freeware tune-up programs.

5.  The external hard drive for back up has 1 T of capacity.  My total backup is only 80 Gb. 


Re: BackUp Warning Constant! How do I stop the warning?

Thanks for that clear response Coppersnowboard.

My inclination would be to completely delete the old backup and start afresh.  How do you feel about that?

It would leave you at risk for the short period until the new backup completed but that should not be long and if you have a second backup drive available, even temporarily, that could cover you for the transition period.

Do you have anything else on your backup drive at the moment?

However even before we do that, if you are willing.  Why not create a second test backup set with just a few files, set to run to the same hard drive, and run manually.  Once you have defined it it should only take a few minutes to run and the result may give us a better idea of what the problem is.

And finally.  I forgot to ask if you had checked that your N360 was fully up to date and that you have checked that it does not thin there are any internal problems by going to the Help link at the top right and selecting "Get Support".  If it does not find anything do not bother to go any further as it will probably just refer you to come here.... 


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