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Backup for Windows 10 upgrade

We are being advised to backup our computers before upgrading to Windows 10.  Is the online backup service I already have for my Windows 8.1 Tablet, with my

Norton 360 Anti-virus with Backup, suitable for this purpose?




Re: Backup for Windows 10 upgrade

Hi Clayto.

It all depends what you want to protect....

What backup do you use normally and do you think you will need anything different for the upgrade to Windows 10?


Re: Backup for Windows 10 upgrade

Hi Clayto,
I've read recommendation to create backup image before transition to W10
N360 backup will not create an image backup. 


Re: Backup for Windows 10 upgrade

Thanks bjm, I had a feeling this might be the case, even though I have little knowledge about backing up other than just saving files to another location.  I suppose I now have to search for 'image backup' if necessary but I think I already have a utility that will do this. There is plenty of time to get it sorted out, fortunately.  


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