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This forum thread needs a solution.

Backup won't work unless the security settings allow EVERYONE to access the files

I have a Dell XPS stand-alone PC running Windows 8.1 Pro. My Norton 360 Premium Edition has had no trouble backing up my files on demand or scheduled. I had only one user account until recently. I had to create another account that cannot access my private files. I created an account without administrator access, just "User" access. I've tried various combinations but Norton won't backup unless I have User or Authenticated User in permissions but these also allow the other non-administrator account to have access. 

How can I get my backup to work yet allow no one else to my private files?



Re: Backup won't work unless the security settings allow EVERYONE to access the files

Hi LV3Enterprises.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

I'm not sure I understand exactly what your problem is and others with more knowledge and experience with permissions may want to jump in but I will try and make a start.

If you have one account with Administrator access and another with just User access so that the "users" cannot gain access to your files.  Why not run the backup from within the Administrator account?  I believe that that can have access to the files in the User account area as well as all the others and so it can back up all you want.

If the user with only User access wants files restored then they can ask the Administrator to recover the files.

The backed up files are encrypted and can presumably be physically protected or access controlled by the Administrator.

Did that help at all or have I misunderstood the question?


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