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This forum thread needs a solution.

Bad Driver Pop Ups

How do I get updated driver installed without the popup thing that won't go away.  Can I go directly through Microsoft for a free version?

I cannot afford to keep buying programs over and over, when Microsoft should provide free users of their products.  My pc at home has Windows 7.

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Re: Bad Driver Pop Ups

Bad Driver Pop Ups > Um, where are you seeing pop ups.   What product needs driver update.
Um, updated drivers from where, from who...?
Microsoft for a free version?  >> Um, for what do you want a free version ...?
I cannot afford to keep buying programs over and over.  Um, what programs...?

Please advise Norton product + version number  eg:


Re: Bad Driver Pop Ups

Hello kathleen meyer

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

You should always get driver updates from the manufacturer's website for the program. For example, you would get a video driver from the maker's website of the video card. I have a NVidia video card, so I would go to the NVidia website. I have a Epson printer, so I go to the Epson site. You also have to know the model of the product and you operating system and bit of it. You should not get drivers from Windows Update. You do not need to buy a program to tell you what drivers need to be updated. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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