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basic threats: why aren't they detected?

hello everyone, i wanted to share some ideas and hints about Norton security (for Windows).

i've been researching on what could probably be a virus code in some programs (even those you have full trust into) that passes completely undetected.

i have good news and bad news.

starting with the good ones, i saw that every single malicious thing that isn't ok, Norton founds it and destroys it.

the bad news is that a common 5 character long virus " %0|%0" saved as batch file is not highlited as threat.

it basically creats a copy of itself esponentially in the ram memory, and crashes (leading to data lost) the computer.

please fix this tiny bug in the virus definition, because everyone could upload it in my comuter and ruin it.

for the rest, i think that Norton is one of the best anti-virusses on the market.

keep it on guys!!