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Branding Norton from Kalunga

Hi, I just got a fix for installing my Kalunga's branded license.

System: Windows 10


Download from norton account, it auto downloads the RCB_Kalunga_NSBU_22.0-11402.exe file
It's a 22.0-11402 install file, it fails to start after install

error 8504,101

Steps to resolve

  1. Download the Trial from store(norton store). Last Time I Installed file was NSBU-TW-22.5.0-BR.exe
  2. Install it Normally.
  3. Whem Prompted for norton account insert you norton id(email and pass).
  4. Exec what is prompted and enjoy the protetion

Please Comment this to me get known of yours issue on Kalunga's Branding install.



Re: Branding Norton from Kalunga

BR reply,

Esta versão foi comprada na Kalunga Loja Física.

Site: www.kalunga.com.br

Ativação e Download do site norton/setup

Versão citada 22.0 não ativa serviços norton em windows 10

Versão Trial do Site Noton(Loja) 22.5

Versão 22.5 Install and is fully usable

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