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This forum thread needs a solution.

Browser Protection not available for Chrome


I have read in the online support documentation for Norton Security (accessible from the Settings panel inside the Norton program, "Firewall" section), the following: "The Browser Protection feature is available for Internet Explorer 7.0 or later and Firefox 10.0 or later."
As far as I understood, Browser Protection is not the same as Safe Web, and is a feature of Norton's firewall to intercept network data from browser vulnerability exploits. If I'm not mistaken, it's similar to Norton's Intrusion Prevention, but is specific for browsers. Am I right?

The Google Chrome browser seems to be supported for most or all features in Norton Security, but not for this one. Why?
Perhaps Browser Protection is a relatively new feature, and Norton are still working on it to make it compatible with Chrome?




Re: Browser Protection not available for Chrome

Hmm, good catch.  As far as I know Browser Protection applies to supported browsers e.g., Chrome.
I'm thinking kb doc needs a re-write. 
Lets hear from Community


Re: Browser Protection not available for Chrome

Hello @Thomas76

Sorry, for delay....  I've asked insiders for help. 
Stay tuned.

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