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Browsing Security

Most website I browse are now showing an icon or icons in the address bar which when clocked on state "Connection not Secure" (often in red) and "Logins entered on this page could be compromised".  Clicking on "More Information" shows more information including "Have I saved passwords for this website" (answer "YES") and "Connection not Encrypted - The website (name) does not support encryption for the page your are viewing.  Information sent over the Internet without encryption can be see by other people while it is in transit", and a multitude of other information.

I use Firefox but understand that this is the seen on Chrome and other browsers.

Am I not paying Symantec for "Norton Security" to protect me against such dangers?



Re: Browsing Security

This is all about SSL and TLS encryption provided by the websites themselves, which, of course, Norton cannot control.  So, no, you are not paying Symantec to provide encrypted communication with the websites you visit.  Are you seeing any certificate errors?  Please check that your system date is correct, and that it stays correct after you first start your PC each time.  An incorrect system date can cause issues with the certificates that websites use to verify secure connections. 

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