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Can I check what files NOBU is backing up?

While I am still trying to complete my initial back up I have another question. My iTunes holdS 9GB of content, and My Pictures about 2.8GB. So why has NOBU scanned my files and estimated the total back up at 3.22GB?

Previously I backed the files on my C Drive using Windows Back Up (Windows 7) and the back up size was about 14GB. Now I am still on the NOBU trial of 5GB so is NOBU simply backing up what will fit (until I pay some money and commit myself?) or are nearly all my files missing? And if so, which ones?

I'm a bit confused!



Re: Can I check what files NOBU is backing up?

Hi Anne

     Not to worry, by default NOBU will Backup Pictures, Contacts, Internet Favorites, Office Docs, Financial Files in your C: drive. You can configure the settings by going to the website https://nobu.backup.com and sign-in using your Norton Account email and Password--> You can see the computers registered --> Click Settings next to the Computer that you want to backup-->goto the tab What and you can include or exclude Files/Folders from there.

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