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Can I restore backup to a PC not running Norton

Can I backup files using Norton from a Windows 7 laptop and them restore them to a Win 8 laptop that doesn't have Norton installed?


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Re: Can I restore backup to a PC not running Norton

Hi Kernow Kard.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums. 

The simple answer to your question is - YES.  

The system is designed to restore files if a computer has problems or dies and as such will do what you want.  My experience is with N360 but from what I have seen of NSBU so far it appears to do much the same.

I will describe how this might be done with data backed up to an external drive but it also works (slightly differently) if you backup to Norton Online Backup.

The backup is stored in a folder in the root of the backup drive called N360_BACKUP in this folder should be two files, arestore.exe and arestore.loc.  Assuming you are still using Windows on your new machine, then if you double click on arestore.exe you will get a pop-up window that allows you to restore any or all of the files in the backup to the location of your choice.  If, when you create the backup in the first place, you do not find these two files in that directory, then you can copy them from the Norton program directory to the backup ready for later use.

Did that help?


Re: Can I restore backup to a PC not running Norton

Brilliant yes that's exactly what I may need to do. Thanks for your time.

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