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Can someone tell me the value of this service?

So, I have my business data backed up nightly but if the data is corrupt or has been written over I cannot go back in time (like I can with Time Machine on my mac) to restore I can only restore the corrupted file. After spending the money to back up my critical files I am only able to restore junk. 

Please, someone tell me why this is worth $50 a year because I just wasted money for something that provides nothing of value. 

What I can say is that, just like so many other cynical corporations Norton is blacklisted in our company.



Re: Can someone tell me the value of this service?


Can you provide which product specifically are you using?

    • Norton Online Backup offers the ability to restore any of the last 90-days worth of backups. That would likely let you get around the damaged files.
    • Norton 360 would require a support request to access the older date but it may still be available if you have an idea of when you started having the problems.

Also in all fairness the service has worked as it should. It had been backing up your data as you specifically selected it. The service does perform some error level checking but it can't catch file level corruption as you've described. If you were backing up to a secondary hard drive, raid system or other manual methods you would encounter the same issue. The incremental technology we use may end up being your saving grace once we have an idea of how to proceed to properly assist you.

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