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Cannot Download or Restore Backed Up Files

I have two PC's backing up on my Norton Online Backup account,  On my home page I see the two PCs:  a laptop and a desktop PC.  The PC I am using (laptop) shows up and I am able to download and restore without any problem.  When I try to download or restore the files from the desktop PC from the laptop these functions don't seem to work.  Whenever I try to do this I receive an error message from a NOBU character that "something went wrong". 

On my homepage the PC symbol for the PC I am on (laptop) shows normally.  The desktop, however, shows up as an inactive (faded).  There is also a message next to my desktop PC icon that says "Computer is not connected".  I don't know whether this is of any significance but I am unable to get access to my desktop PC files.  

I've looked through previous posts and couldn't locate any that correspond exactly to my situation.  Your expertise would be greatly appreciated!