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This forum thread needs a solution.

Cannot import my logins

So...  I had a hard disk that was showing signs, so I replaced it.  I did images of my partitions and restored to the new, identical disc.  Total success,  everything worked as it should...

Except, of course, the Symantec products.  I had Comcast's Norton Security, and it forgot who I am.  The identity safe, which I had been using the local version, was also gone.  I was forced to sign up for the web version, which I did.  So, to simplify things, I went to "import" and found that the only import available is from browser logins.  I can not find any way to import the vault contents I diligently backed up with my local set up.  I have .csv and .dat files.  The online safe wants .json files and no others.




Re: Cannot import my logins

Hello dave.

I'll notify our Comcast Guru to help you out.

Have a Good Night and


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Cannot import my logins

Hi davcbr2,

Please see the following Norton Knowledge Based Article:


Please let us know which browser you are using - I believe IE will work as it used to without the Import Tool to convert the backup to .json.

Thanks for the heads up @floplot


Re: Cannot import my logins


If davcbr2 wants to regain the local vault, will elsewhere's instructions work for Comcast versions?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Cannot import my logins


I haven't tried that, but I think a reinstall (perhaps after deletion of Cloud Vault) would provide a Local Vault once again. I just reinstalled my NSS on 6 March 2018 and I still have the Local Vault (as well as the Cloud) available) on my WIN 7 system running NSS.   

I see no reason why elsewhere's instructions would not work - I just checked and verified IDDStor2.dat is still present in the normal location on my newest install of NSS.

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