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Cannot Open Online Backup from particular computer

I installed Norton Online Backup on my Windows 7 64-bit home computer.  It worked initially (I could open the program).  But now if I double-click on the yellow Norton Online Backup icon on my computer's desktop, it goes nowhere.  If I type Web address https://nobu.backup.com in my IE8 browser, it does not open the login page, though my browser works fine to go to other websites.  This problem only happens on my home computer.  I can access the Norton Online Backup login page via the Web on another computer, and log in.  Question:  What is preventing me from logging in on my home computer?  Should (can) I uninstall and reinstall the program?  (I still have the installation file I downloaded.)  My subscription is current (paid for one year last summer).  Thanks for any information.



Re: Cannot Open Online Backup from particular computer

Hello rgille,

Based on the info provided it sounds like a firewall is blocking the page from loading. Since double clicking on the icon essentially brings up the login page, same as going to the URL direct, it would be the same end result either way. What security products do you have in place? Have you tried disabling them temporarily to see if the page loads afterward?

I don't suggest uninstalling anything as of yet if you have a valid Computer setup in the NOBU web and have performed a backup or customized your file selection. You can't reinstall in the traditional sense to relink to an existing Computer if you do.

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