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can't backup

For some reason I keep getting failure messages that there is insufficient space to back up files.  Have deleted massive numbers of files, cleaned up temp files etc and even the Norton website tells me I haven't reached my space limit.  Despite all of this where ever I run the backup function it simply keeps processing without completing.

Looking at other posts this seems to be a generic problem - any solutions?





Re: can't backup

I agree.  We have used NOBU for about 18 months and this problem has only arisen within the last 7-10 days.  No user-orignated fix has been/is likely to be forthcoming so, come on Norton, can you investigate this problem as a matter of urgency because the program is worse than useless to us at the moment?  Prospective purchasers can easily search and find damaging information such as this so you are not doing yourself any favours.

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