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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't download apps fra Win10 Store


I have a couple of times tried to download a radio app in Store, but each time it failes - code 0x8024401C. The Windows Update function is not the problem, so I asked Microsoft Community for a solution.

The answer was, that Norton Security probably causes the problem, that I either have to permit downloads from Store - how do I do that - or I have to deactivate NS during downloading, or I must uninstall NS.

What is the best of those solutions, or is there a better not mentioned?

Best regards

Peter, Denmark



Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

I have had WIndows 10 since it came out along with Norton Security. Never an issue. If Norton is blocking anything it will be in your Norton Security history. Please check the firewall history. You can also go into settings/ firewall/ program control and check to see if the Windows store is being blocked. 


Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

I can see in History, that something is wrong, but I dont see, what I can do.

Risk: Medium

Activity: Unauthorised admittance was blocked (show processdata) - I can't find processdata!

Status: Blocked

Recommended action: No action necessary

In settings Store is allowed.

What is next step.


Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

What is that risk under? You can click on more info. Is that a firewall risk? Try going into the firewall settings and resetting it. If the store is allowed then you should be able to go into the Microsoft store and download. You can always right click on the system tray icon and disable auto protection and the firewall for 15 minutes. Then go into the store and see what happens. Also if you simply Google that error code there are a lot of people with the problem. Completely unrelated to Norton. 



Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

1. 0x8024401C:

you can view this case study and this complete solutions

2. as for Unauthorised admittance was blocked:

Whenever "Unauthorized Access Blocked" appears in the Norton logs it is always a Norton Product Tamper Protection event.

(even) there are legitimate reasons for Iexplore.exe to "touch" the Norton Extensions. ... to try and either disable them or modify them in order to disable malware notifications.  This is typical activity for malware.

Norton Product Tamper Protection would be involved, since it is not a malware detection component, and its job is simply to block any[y]thing that attempts access to Norton

For more help, plz contact Norton Support here.

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Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store


When ever there is an issue, Microsoft will blame Norton. Microsoft does not like anyone to use another security program other than Defender with Windows 10 so blames Norton if there is some issue and the person says they use Norton..


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Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

Let Google be your guide. If you can Google the issue and find a lot of problems then it is obviously not Norton. 

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Re: Can't download apps fra Win10 Store

Sorry, I misread the history log. The blocking had nothing to do with my attempt to download the app, so my conclusion is, that it is not NS, that causes the problem.

Thanks for help.

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