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Can't install Norton Toolbar or Extensions after Windows 10 latest update

Last night reading "How to Geek" read where Microsoft's latest update to Windows 10 would automatically delete some software, or make it unusable. They said just an annoyance that you would have to download it again, or direct Windows to use a previous version. They listed a few that might not work, Ccleaner, Belarc Advisor, amoung others that I don't use.  

First I noticed Norton Toolbar not appearing on my desktop when I visited sites requiring log-in. OK, so my first online chat & connection by remote assistance, the tech was able to get back but this required a complete re-install of Norton.Then easy peasy, the toolbar is always visible. First the Tech removed the Norton Extensions from Goggle Chrome, then re-installed Norton, of course I had to set up all over again. 

3 more times in Norton remote connection, they restarted my laptop 12 times, went into safe mode with no results. So now i'm thinking of removing Norton & re-installing it, none of the other tech tried this.