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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't log on after installing todays new Win10 fix KB3097617

Today Oct 13, Microsoft released a standard Win10 fix KB3097617.

After installing this, rebooting, then launching IE (or Chrome) ... when clicking on the Vault Toolbar icon and after entering my valid credentials... it would return to "connecting to Server and then re-prompt me for my credentials. It would not show the browser enabled ... just kept asking for the password.

After several reboots and re-attempts I uninstalled the Win10 fix KB3097617 to see if this was the culprit and sure enough after removing KB3097617 I'm able to log on again. 

As a best practice I'd like to keep current and reinstall KB3097617 if anyone has figured out what will be needed to run KB3097617 without breaking Norton Identity Safe.      

Any clues?



Re: Can't log on after installing todays new Win10 fix KB3097617

I do not know if it's totally related or not, but another symptom of this glitchy update is for the start menu and cortana to stop working, with or without the "critical error" popup. However, where it may be related, is that migrating to a new user account generally fixes these issues in my experience.

I'm thinking there could be an issue w/ some anti-virus software blocking or otherwise somehow interrupting one of the changes an update may try to make, since some can cause similar issue when upgrading from 7 or 8/8.1 to 10.

As far as trying to go about fixing it in your case:

I'm unsure if Windows 10 finally addressed this age-old exploits, but you can on 7 and 8 still.

Boot off a windows install drive/disc or linux live drive/disc.

Windows Installer:



It's virtually the same for 7/8.1 and 10 installers too.

If you're using a Linux Live disc, all you have to do is simply rename the files(mentioned in the previous links tl;dr "sethc.exe" and/or "UtilMan.exe") using the file manager, then reboot normally(no live disc/drive), and activate the Ease of Access Center or StickyKeys(depending on method used). Continue as mentioned in the wordpress link.

If that doesn't work, then you'll need to create another user using 'net user'.


If creating a new administrator worked, you should be able to migrate over your user files, or try to load a restore point.


Re: Can't log on after installing todays new Win10 fix KB3097617


I just received the Cumulative Update you note, and do not have any problems signing in to either my local or online vaults.

This may not be related to the MS KB update. Other users have been seeing this recently, and so far there does not seem to be any common denominator that causes it.

What seems to help is to go to the main Norton screen and click on your email address at the top right. Then click Sign Out. Close your Norton product, and all browsers. Now try to access the vault again by clicking on Vault is Closed on the Toolbar. Remember you will first enter your email and password for your Norton Account, then the vault password.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Can't log on after installing todays new Win10 fix KB3097617

I have the same problem on my Windows 10 tablet but my Windows 10 laptop doesn't have the problem.

On the tablet it wants me to log into my Norton account but will not accept my password, when I tried it via a web browser it accepted my Norton account password and them allowed me to log into my identity Safe vault.

I tried uninstall/ reinstalling the identity safe toolbar but it made no difference.

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