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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't open vault

Timeout error when opening vault - details:

1) 2 days ago replaced N360 with NS on 3 systems, S1=Win7, S2 = Vista, S3 = Win8.1. Vault works on S3 but not S1 or S2. Vault can be opened at identitysafe.norton.com.

2) Correct password times out. Incorrect password is immediately rejected.

3) Firewall network cost awareness is off.

4) Yesterday on S1 support (Jim?) walked me through NRT and full reinstall, emptying the 0000082 folder, ran liveupdate, and was able to open vault. Today it's broken again.

5) Today I repeated reinstall on S2, after which the vault opened. Now it's broken again.

6) Did not do the reinstall on S3 - have opened vault multiple times through the Norton app and FF39.0 toolbar with no problems.

What's my next move?





Re: Can't open vault

Hi CC,

Did you initially do an over the top install of NS on all 3 systems?

Just to eliminate the setting, please turn Network Cost Awareness on and set to No Limit - any change?

Can you provide the full path for the "0000082 folder"?

Are any of these systems Lenovo products?

Go to Help on the main UI of NS, select About and tell us the version number.


Re: Can't open vault


No change. (The note for this timeout issue says to turn it off)


No, all HP.

NS v22.5.0.124


Today it's timing out on incorrect password as well as correct. Still no problem at all on S3...

FWIW the 0000082 folder on S1 contains 1 folder names 00000226. On S3 it contains 3 folders, 00000226, 0000015C and 00000142

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