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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't update billing information.

It says " Operation failed, please retry." every time I click save.



Re: Can't update billing information.

There's no longer an error message but there's not a success message either. I don't know if it worked & there's no apparent way to check. I allegedly have the automatic renewal set up like I want but, under what credit card, I don't know.

Also, the site put me back on the log in page for no reason & now I can't log in. Fun!

Edit: I finally got to check my billing info. Turns out it didn't save anything.

Eddit: It finally saved it after I typed it all again. Problems solved. Until next year. Oh god...

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Re: Can't update billing information.

Just a thought, but you can save all the auto renewal nonsense by buying Norton from a reputable online/shopfront retailer.

You will save lots, and are usually sent an activation key by email.

If you elect to do this next time, make sure you disable auto renewal in your Norton Account.

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