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Can't verify new Norton Security key

When I go to my account and look at devices it shows my WIN7 laptop with a red x on it and then it shows my old NIS product and key code and also my current Norton Security key. There is a icon with a message saying "verifying new product key" which then spins indefinitely and apparently never finishes verifying the new key. but the new Norton product has been installed for a couple of months and says it is active and downloads updates, etc. Why is the old version still showing for that device and can't Norton verify the new key if it has on my desktop computer? The desktop shows up on devices with a green x and the laptop has a red x which I assume it means something is not right. 



Re: Can't verify new Norton Security key

Is the device you are having issues with turned on and connect to the internet when you are looking at the Devices tab? Also make sure you have turned on the Remote Management setting on the affected computer. Settings - Administrative Settings - Remote Management. If it is already on, try turning it off, restarting your computer, then turn it back on. Then test.

There are many users that are concerned with what they see on the Devices tab of their account. Try checking the Services tab to see if all devices there show correctly. As long as all devices show correctly in the Services tab, all is good with your account.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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