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CCleaner Trojan Floxif

I am new to this site.  I have a question, I am wondering why Norton Security did not catch the trojan floxif, that came through in my update for CCleaner.   Malwarebytes did detect and quarantine.   Does this mean I do not have Norton configured correctly?   If this issue is already discussed please point me towards it.


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Re: CCleaner Trojan Floxif

The answer is that Norton did not detect it.

Once it was verified, Piriform disclosed the virus and took down the infected servers.

I don't think any AV detected prior to Piriform - the whole industry was caught off guard and can only learn from it.  


Re: CCleaner Trojan Floxif


Norton started protecting against the first CCleaner malware since Sept. 19 Antivirus definitions. I've just asked Norton to post something official about it.


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